Missouri Town Fall Festival

Saturday, October 4th and Sunday 5th, 2014


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Scenes from our Adventure in 2013:

Going for the Gold!

Going for the Gold!  Each year we take brave '49s from Missouri Town to the California and Back!

Gold guaranteed for young pioneers!

Mrs. Sutter goes to California!

Mrs. Sutter steps on the gas to get to California first!

A husband that snores with a gold mine is better than one snoring without one.

Mrs. Sutter says happiness is a husband with a gold mine.



California or Bust!

California or Bust!

Expert Wheelwright

Our Wheelwright gives a Safety Inspection.

Dancing at Missouri Town

Dancing at Missouri Town, Everyone Invited!

Old Time Fiddling at Missouri Town!

Old Time Fiddling at Missouri Town!

Missouri Town Horse Wranglers

Missouri Town Horse Wranglers!

Cowpoke Lassoing a Steer

Cowpoke Lassoing a Steer from a Bucking Bronco!

Missouri Town Militia

The Missouri Town Militia!

Dan and Murphy the Missouri Town Oxen

Dan and Murphy the Oxen with their pals.

This was their first festive, they promise to be an even bigger hit next year!


When in doubt, throw them all!

Is that fair?

Is that exactly Hoyle?

Tug of War!

If you saw what was at the other end, you'd be impressed!

Pricilla the Prancing Pony dances for a Friend.

Pricilla the Prancing Pony and Friend!

Heading Home

Heading Home after two fun days at Missouri Town's Fall Festival, see you next year the first weekend in October!

Hoofed Wildlife Exhibit East of Missouri Town

After Enjoying Missouri Town, Brave Adventurers Visit the Hoofed Wildlife Exhibit,

Just East of Town!  Elk, Buffalo and Fun!

Missouri Town is open all year round, click for more information.

Missouri Town 1855


Mule: the Green Energy of the Pioneers!